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Sidewall indentation

What is a sidewall indentation?


The sidewall of a tire is not always completely even; there are sometimes bumps, and indentations, which may require a more detailed inspection to decide the cause. Indentations are harmless and are not detrimental either to safety or to driving characteristics. They are only a visual condition. Indentations in the tire are caused in the same way as if you were to tie a string around an inflated balloon or a soft fruit and then gently tighten the string. In the case of the tire the string is invisible on the inside, hidden by the rubber. The sidewall of a tire include embedded carcass cords which give the tire its strength and are also vital for transferring steering and braking forces.

When a tire is manufactured - or rather when constructing the carcass, to which the steel belt and the tread are then attached - there is always at least one overlap. It is this overlap which is sometimes visible as an indentation after the tire is fitted and inflated.

Continental recommends: If you are in any doubt, then have the sidewall indentations checked by a qualified tire specialist (tire/car dealer). If the sidewall indentations are as described above, then the tire can continue in service without restrictions.

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