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Continental supports worldwide Global NCAP “Stop the Crash” campaign

Why Vision Zero

  • In line with this approach, Continental is partnering with Global NCAP in its “Stop the Crash” campaign, with not only the Chassis & Safety Division involved but also the Tire Division which is acting as exclusive tire partner to the campaign

The declared aim of the campaign is to publicize the effects and benefits of existing technologies and raise awareness of the important part that tires play in active safety systems, as well as providing information about the key variables such as tire pressure and tread depth.

In the words of David Ward, Secretary-General of Global NCAP: “We are delighted to be partnering with Continental in this new initiative to promote crash avoidance systems and tire safety. To achieve the United Nation’s target to cut by half road fatalities by 2020 we need to strongly promote the fitment of ESC, AEBS, and ABS in motorcycles especially in the rapidly motorizing countries of Asia and Latin America. Our campaign aims to raise awareness of these life-saving technologies. If we can accelerate their use, we will make faster progress towards a world increasingly free from road fatalities.”

Together with all the other partners, the idea is to help make precisely these technologies standard equipment for sub-compact and compact cars, to enable them to achieve the top Euro NCAP rating.

The Global NCAP “Stop the Crash” campaign will be officially launched in Brazil on November 18, 2015, with a driving demonstration to coincide with the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety. The motto of this meeting of world political leaders, fleet managers, and the media representatives will be ‘Time for Results’. The geographic focus of the campaign, which will run until the end of 2018, will be on emerging countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and Malaysia, with their densely populated urban areas.

Safety based on networked driver assistance systems in conjunction with tires

With this new target positioning, Continental is setting itself apart from the competition in the tire sector. After all, the Company is the only automotive industry supplier to offer the entire spectrum of driving safety systems from a single source, as well as developing products such as ABS-optimized tires to go with these systems.