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VisionZeroNews #1/2015


  • The correlation between the number of safety technologies installed in cars and the number of road traffic fatalities
  • Quotes on Vision Zero from Executive Board Members Frank Jourdan (Chassis & Safety Division) and Nikolai Setzer (Tire Division)
  • Euro NCAP requirements for the award of a five-star safety rating during homologation of new vehicles
  • Continental is supporting Global NCAP’s worldwide #STOPTHECRASH campaign –
  • The German Road Safety Council (DVR) too has committed to Vision Zero
  • A wealth of facts and figures on Vision Zero at a glance

Download VisionZeroNews #1/2015 (PDF)


Vision Zero: Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries, Zero Accidents


Continental has made Vision Zero its longterm goal


Continental supports worldwide Global NCAP “Stop the Crash” campaign


German Road Safety Council commits to Vision Zero