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Premium summer tires from Continental for passenger cars and light trucks

  • New PremiumContact 6 to be launched next year
  • Broad range available for almost all sports cars, limousines, compact and sub-compact models
  • Long list of approvals from European and Asian automakers
  • Even greater safety plus low rolling resistance

As one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, Continental has again added to its range of passenger car and light truck tires. Today, almost every car in Europe can be equipped with tires developed in Hanover. Approximately one third of all new cars manufactured in Europe are fitted with tires from the premium Continental brand as original equipment and, as a result, an extensive range of replacement Continental tires as specified by the automakers can be obtained from car dealerships and specialist tire dealers. With the SportContact 6, PremiumContact 6 and ContiEcoContact 5 to choose from, Continental has the tires to meet almost every need. In the latest car magazine tests, Continental tires have scored numerous top rankings and been awarded the highest ratings.

For high-performance sports cars and high-end tuners: the SportContact 6

With the SportContact 6, Continental has a super sports tire for the ultra-ultra high performance segment in its portfolio that demonstrates substantial improvements over its predecessor, primarily in terms of handling, steering precision and high-speed capability. To put this superior performance onto the road – with improvements of up to 14 percent in some respects – Continental’s development engineers have virtually reinvented the chemical composition of the tread strip, as well as the tread pattern and the tire construction. There are currently 40 sizes available for 19 to 23 inch rims and the assortment is being constantly expanded.

For mid-range to luxury models: the new PremiumContact 6

The PremiumContact 6 will be available from tire dealers from early next year in a wide range of sizes. With this new summer tire, Continental successfully bridges the gap between a sedan tire with high ride comfort and a tire for sporty models.

The new PremiumContact 6 unites comfort, precise steering response, maximum safety and good environmental properties in a single product. To this end, the development engineers have come up with new compounds, an innovative tire design that borrows from Continental’s high-tech SportContact 6 tire, and a tread pattern that offers a comfortable ride. The outcome is a product that delivers improvements of up to 15 percent in handling performance, rolling resistance, mileage and comfort compared to its predecessor.

The new PremiumContact 6 will be manufactured in 70 sizes for rims from16 to 21 inches to fit passenger cars and SUVs. The new tire will gradually replace its successful predecessors, the ContiPremiumContact 5 and ContiSportContact 5, both of which were very popular in the original equipment and replacement markets.


Low rolling resistance plus high safety: the ContiEcoContact 5

In the past, combining short braking distances on wet and dry roads with low rolling resistance was considered extremely problematic. In the ContiEcoContact 5 there is a car tire that unites these two abilities with apparent ease. In the development process this called for changes in every component of the tire, but the outcome – with shorter braking distances in the wet – was a 20 percent drop in rolling resistance and a 12 percent increase in mileage. As a result, a car fitted with the new ContiEcoContact 5 can be operated with some three percent less fuel than the same car on standard tires. The ContiEcoContact 5 is available for a wide range of models and for 14 to 20-inch rims, with approvals for speeds of up to 300 km/h.

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