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Continental Test Center Yancheng on CATARC Proving Ground Officially Opened

News archiv 2016


Frank Jourdan, Member of the Executive Board Continental AG and President of the Chassis & Safety Division (middle) with representatives from CATARC and the local government

  • New testing facility will strengthen the integration of advanced technology and worldwide know-how to expand China market products and solutions

  • Continental Chassis & Safety Technology Summit 2016 was held to constantly pursue the goal of “Vision Zero"

  • Donation of 100.000 RMB to schools in Yancheng affected by a tornado

Continental, a leading international automotive supplier, today announced that its test center Yancheng is officially opened. In cooperation with China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC), the test center Yancheng will mainly support testing and validation of Continental safety products and systems, such as electronic and hydraulic brake systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and tires. On the same day, Continental also hosted the Chassis & Safety China Technology Summit 2016 with the theme “SensePlanAct”, during which attendees discussed chassis and safety solutions and explored its development trends within the industry.

The test center Yancheng supports the testing and validation of safety products and Systems

Completion of Continental Test Center Yancheng to Strengthen Localization

The test center Yancheng, occupying 2,500 square meters in phase one, including offices and testing workshops, is Continental’s newest testing facility in China after the winter test center in Heihe. It will provide Continental with a more solid foundation for technical support and product development in China, strengthening Continental’s leading position as an international automotive and systems supplier in the market. Frank Jourdan, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and President of the Chassis & Safety Division, said: “The opening of the test center Yancheng reflects Continental’s long-term commitment to the Chinese market through developing local products and providing Chinese customers with cutting-edge technologies and R&D capabilities. In addition, we are very happy to cooperate with CATARC so that the new test center will also bring the most advanced safety technologies to China. It is our goal to meet local market demands, as well as help to enhance China’s road safety consciousness and support the realization of ‘Vision Zero.’”

As a technical administration body in the auto industry – established in 1985 – and a technical support organization to China governmental authorities, CATARC followsthe rule “Independent, Justice, Third Party” to conduct various activities like auto standard and technical regulation formulating, product certification testing and quality system certification. In January, Continental and CATARC signed the strategic cooperation agreement to strengthen the bilateral relationship based on the long term cooperation. Li Zanfeng, General Manager of CATARC Test Proving Gound Yancheng, expressed: “Continental is one of our important partners, whom we have cooperated with in different areas for many years. Undoubtedly, the joint investment on the test center Yancheng is another milestone of the strategic cooperation which will enhance the cooperation in the area of automotive safety.”

The “Continental Chassis & Safety Technology Summit 2016” focused on issues related to safety on Chinese roads

Realizing “Vision Zero" through "SensePlanAct"

On the same day as the opening of the test center Yancheng, the Continental Chassis & Safety Technology Summit 2016 was successfully held in Yancheng. With the theme "SensePlanAct", the summit underlined Continental’s attention to China’s road-safety issues. The Chassis & Safety division, one of Continental’s five strong divisions, has long been putting constant efforts in the pursuit of “Vision Zero" – a future without road accidents. Integrating various active and passive safety systems and improving the safety and dynamics of vehicles, the division is committed to creating safer and more comfortable driving experiences for its customers. To realize this goal, the theme “SensePlanAct” clearly defines the importance that driving safety products have played in driving and also guides the R&D Process.

The summit focuses on technologies solutions along the driving chain of effects (“SensePlanAct”) that form the foundation for automated driving. Continental has started automated driving initiatives in the U.S, Germany and Japan, and the plan for China is on the way this August. Workshops as well as test driving opportunities improve participants’ understanding of development of these technologies and communicate their insights of the industry. Key product topics of the workshop are the leading technologies under the driving chain “SensePlanAct” such as ADAS (Sense), the Safety Domain Control Unit (Plan) and the integrated brake system MK C1 (Act). Head of Chassis & Safety Division China, Enno Tang said: “Continental has always been adhering to the strategy of ‘In China, For China’ to prioritize the localization of technology innovation and development. Following this development principle, Continental reiterates its commitment to road safety in China by underlining the importance of safety technologies to automotive manufacturers and end consumers in this market.”

Thoughts with the Disaster Area, Action on the Social Responsibility

A powerful tornado hit some areas of YanCheng city, Jiang Su province on June 23rd.. The tornado damaged homes, streets and also the local economy has been affected. Continental China decided therefore to reduce the cost of the opening ceremony and donate the savings of 100,000 RMB to the benefits of the children and students in the disaster hit areas. Especially for the local affected schools Continental would like to ensure that the students will be able to study in the upcoming new semester in September. The automotive supplier will therefore cooperate closely with local organizations and initiate the CSR program accordingly.