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Continental: Winter tires to meet all needs

  • Car, light truck and two-wheeler winter tires for Central European and Nordic countries, with a Central European or soft compound and with or without studs

Tire manufacturer Continental has one of the most extensive winter ranges in the market with products to meet almost any need. Be it driving in wintry Central Europe, cold Scandinavian cities or on icy northern slopes, premium winter tires from Continental deliver added safety in even the most unfavorable road conditions. The current product range alone offers nine different tire options for a variety of uses and vehicles.

Winter tires for Central Europe

The ContiWinterContact TS 850 is the latest winter tire for compact to mid-range cars. Since it was launched four years ago, this premium winter tire has scored numerous “best in test” results and recommendations in the test reports of leading trade journals. Its directional tread pattern is designed to provide especially strong grip for linking securely with snow and ice. The ContiWinterContact TS 850 also combines impressive safety on wet and dry roads with the added advantage of low rolling resistance. The range of sizes for this popular model has been further extended this winter to more than 50. Continental manufactures these tires for 14- to 17-inch rims.

The Continental WinterContact TS 850 P is the model for mid-range and luxury models as well as for sports cars. Here the development engineers at the leading winter tire manufacturer have achieved a noticeable improvement in performance characteristics. For example, the Continental WinterContact TS 850 P delivers a tangible improvement over its predecessor in both its handling on snow and dry roads and its braking performance. This is made possible by the tire's asymmetrical tread design. New this winter is a special version for all-wheel drive vehicles and vans which bears the letters "SUV" on the sidewall alongside the customary product designation. Both models are manufactured for 16- to 20-inch rims.

With the ContiWinterContact TS 830 P, the tire manufacturer is targeting the owners of high-performance vehicles who want to do their winter driving too on tires approved by the appropriate premium manufacturer. This winter tire from Continental has received numerous approvals from vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. These winter tires are tailored precisely to the design of each model, thus serving up a perfect combination of driving pleasure, safety and economy.

Winter tires for the High North

Continental has two solutions at the ready for drivers in the cold regions of Scandinavia, Russia and north of the Arctic Circle. For driving mainly in urban areas but also overland there are winter tires made of a particularly soft compound that retains its flexibility in the cold. Equipped with a large number of sipes and block edges, these soft compound tires mesh very closely with ice and snow to deliver excellent grip. The other option for providing extra grip and extreme traction on icy roads in Scandinavia and Russia is to use studded tires. And of course the statutory regulations of each country must be taken into account when choosing tires.

The functional, asymmetrical tread pattern of the ContiVikingContact 6 soft compound winter tire features rigid double tread blocks on the outer portion of tire which takes the greatest load when cornering, delivering high grip for precise lateral guidance on dry roads. These tread blocks support each other to achieve maximum stability under the loads generated during cornering. For SUVs there is a special ContiVikingContact 6 product line designed to match the typical requirements and wheel sizes of these vehicles. It carries the additional "SUV" lettering after the product name on the sidewall.

With the studded IceContact 2 winter tire from Continental, the developers have managed to further improve the predecessor model's good winter driving characteristics. The result is a gain in handling on dry roads, on ice and also on snow. Also new are the studs themselves and their particularly robust anchoring in the tread. This involves the studs, which have a small "foot" of adhesive, being inserted in the tire by a robot specially developed for the job. In the next patented process step, they are molded with the tire at a specific temperature, thus attaining around 400 percent more holding power than can be achieved with the conventional stud insertion process. This tire with its asymmetrical tread pattern is currently manufactured in sizes suitable for cars and SUVs, with further expansion of the range planned for 2016. The IceContact 2 tires for 4x4 models also carry the additional "SUV" marking on the sidewall.

SSR and ContiSeal mobility solutions also available for Nordic winter tires from 2016

Tires from the WinterContact TS 850 P and ContiWinterContact TS 830 P ranges can already be ordered with the self-supporting runflat (SSR) solution for extended mobility. If the tire loses pressure due to a puncture or blow-out, the specially reinforced sidewall continues to bear the vehicle's weight for up to 80 kilometers at up to 80 km/h so that the nearest repair shop can be safely reached. Both premium winter tires are also available in versions with ContiSeal technology. In these tires, a viscous inner layer below the surface of the tread closes up small punctures of up to 5 mm diameter caused by nails or screws – which means that ContiSeal can help deal with around 95 percent of all tire damage. From late 2016, the first versions of the Nordic winter products IceContact 2 and ContiVikingContact 6 will also be available with SSR and ContiSeal.


Winter tires for two-wheelers

The ContiMove 365 is a safe all-season tire for scooters. The ContiMove 365 achieves an impressive balancing act between summer and winter suitability, mainly thanks to its innovative tread design. Pairs of deep sipes provide safe grip both on clear and snow-covered roads. The wide drainage grooves guarantee optimum water displacement to allow riders to maintain control of the scooter even in heavy rain. With its M+S designation, this Continental tire meets the requirements of the road traffic regulations and is therefore also officially approved for winter use. Continental also offers a "standard" winter tire and two studded versions for bicycles. The TopContact Winter II is ideal for cycling on wet wintry and snow-covered roads, while the NordicSpike or the SpikeClaw are trusty companions on icy slopes. The three tires are offered in a range of sizes suitable for both touring bikes and mountain bikes.

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