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Your safe way to the match

You are planning your trip to an UEFA EURO™ 2016 match?

Before you start your journey find here some tips to get to it safely.

Be prepared.

If you want to win, surpass yourself.

For your own safety, we recommend a tread depth that exceeds the minimum of 3 mm for summer tyres and 4 mm for winter tyres. So, check your tread depth before you start your journey.

Be in shape.

If you run out of breath, you lose.

So check the air pressure of your tyres regularly. You can find the manufacturer’s recommendation in the manual or inside your car. And do not forget to adjust the pressure due to the number of passengers of your car.


Be proactive.

If you want to perform as best as you can, you have to think ahead.

So check your tyres for punctures, cuts, splits and blisters before you start.


Be a teamplayer.

If  you are on the way to support your team, take care of yourself and all passengers.

Drive safely and foresighted. Take your time and have a break regularly during your long journeys.


Be a role model.

If you are leading your team to fun and excitement do it responsibly.

Therefore your strategy for your safe way to the match is: “Don’t drink and drive”.


UEFA EURO 2016™ – brought to you safely by Continental.