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Your safe way to the match.

UEFA EURO 2016™ – brought to you safely by Continental.

The countdown to Europe’s greatest soccer event is on – UEFA EURO 2016TM. Continental as Official Sponsor is proud to play an integral part in this fascinating event by taking care of safe transportation for all the protagonists.


Our contribution: getting everything and everyone everywhere safely

Whether it‘s scorching hot or pouring, whether the roads are tiny or huge highways, the fun always arrives safely and on time at the arenas with Continental. From the fans to the athletes and the referee: they all roll to the stadium on Continental tyres. We equip every UEFA EURO 2016™ team bus with our products in order to bring the stars safely to the game – everyday and under all conditions.


The perfect match: Continental and football

For over a decade international first-class football and Continental are inextricably connected: by sponsoring but also by sharing passion for first-class quality, maximum performance as well as safety and fair play. For both, Continental and football, safety is a very important aspect. And especially for UEFA Euro 2016™, it‘s all about safe transportation.

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